This sleeve and pouch is released exclusively for the MacBook that can also be used as a portfolio bag to store documents.
It may be a little stiff when used for the first time, but as the period of use increases, the leather stretches and fits well with the content inside.


  1. Waterproof genuine leather.
  2. Exclusive space inside for electronics like Tablet PC or Laptop.
  3. High-quality materials like buckles, zippers, studs, etc.; All 100% made by Lotuff.


Genuine Leather(outside) / Polyester(inside)

Exterior Dimensions

13 : w 328 x h 245 x d 4 (mm)

15 : w 373 x h 261 x d 4 (mm)

16 : w 385 x h 270 x d 4 (mm)


approximately. 267g

approximately. 309g

approximately. 425g

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