This clutch bag is made in the simplest configuration as possible for those who want simplicity.
It can be used not only as a clutch bag, but also as a pouch to hold your belongings in a bag.
It is a unisex product for both men and women, and has two sizes that you can choose according to your purpose.
It is a must-have item for a simple lifestyle.

  1. Waterproof genuine leather.
  2. High-quality materials like buckles, zippers, studs, etc.; All 100% made by Lotuff.


Genuine Leather(outside) / Polyester(inside)

Exterior Dimensions

S : w 250 x h 160 x d 3 (mm) 

M : w 276 x h 175 x d 3 (mm) 


approximately. 145g

approximately. 180g

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