LO-3520 NAVY



This leather sling bag is made entirely of natural cowhide.
Its size is larger than the existing sling bag, so it can sufficiently store a large amount of belongings.
It can be used in various ways, including daily bags, traveler's auxiliary bags, and rider bags for bike riders.

The back of the product is made of mesh material, so even when it's worn for a long time it keeps you fresh without sweating.

  1. Waterproof genuine leather.
  2. Exclusive space inside for electronics like Tablet PC or Laptop.
  3. High-quality materials like buckles, zippers, studs, etc.; All 100% made by Lotuff.
  4. Well organized internal divider



Genuine Leather (outside) / Polyester (inside)

Exterior Dimensions

w 200 x h 350 x d 125 (mm) 


approximately. 930g

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