LO-2805 NAVY



This simple style tote bag is made bigger than the existing design for those who need more spaces for more belongings.
The leather was reinforced and designed to maintain its shape.
Inside, there is a laptop pocket for 15inch laptop storage.
You can also put bigger size products in the bag.
It is perfect for your daily bag as well as a briefcase at work.

  1. Waterproof genuine leather.
  2. Exclusive space inside for electronics like Tablet PC or Laptop.
  3. Adjustable shoulder straps included.
  4. Metal studs attached underneath for protection from scratches.
  5. High-quality materials like buckles, zippers, studs, etc.; All 100% made by Lotuff.
  6. Well organized internal divider


Genuine Leather (outside) / Polyester (inside)

Exterior Dimensions

w 425 x h 330 x d 120 (mm) 


approximately. 1544g

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