LO-8700 GRAY



This is a leather pouch for laptops and iPads.
It can also be used as a portfolio bag for documents.

It can be conveniently used with two hidden magnets.
Since the size of each laptop is different, please compare the size of your laptop and our product before purchasing it.


  1. Waterproof genuine leather.
  2. Exclusive space inside for electronics like Tablet PC or Laptop.
  3. High-quality materials like buckles, zippers, studs, etc.; All 100% made by Lotuff.


Genuine Leather(outside) / Polyester(inside)

Exterior Dimensions

15 : w 390 x h 260 x d 4 (mm)

17 : w 415 x h 295 x d 4 (mm)


approximately. 375g

approximately. 395g

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